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With CDL Wizard,
Pass Your
CDL Exam on Your First Try

Study for your pre-trip inspection tests, airbrake tests, and written permit and endorsement tests.

Let us help you get your CDL.

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Screenshot of the homepage for the CDL Wizard app showing the three programs: Pre-trip Wizard, Air Brakes Wizard, and Permit Prep Wizard
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Screenshot of the engine compartment from the VR portion of the CDL Wizard app
Screenshot of the flashcard creation screen for the CDL Wizard app
Screenshot of a sample question and answer for the CDL Wizard app

A virtual training tool as close
to in-person as you can get

Virtual Reality

Practice your pre-trip inspection and airbrakes tests in a virtual environment.

State Specific

All training materials are specific to your State's DMV/DOL requirements

Customizable Flashcards

Study exactly what you want by creating your own custom flashcards and share them with others.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress and see how your are doing compared to all other users.

DMV Written Test Prep

Hundreds of DMV questions to give you the confidence you need to pass all your written tests.

Study Bank Questions

Automatically or manually add questions to your study bank to revisit tough questions.

Screenshot of the State selection screen of the CDL Wizard app
Screenshot of the score statistics page of the CDL Wizard app
Screenshot of the study bank section of the CDL Wizard app

Download the app now!

Do not let your training be harder than it has to be. This app is a low cost way to make your training easier.

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